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Fujian Zhangpu Liuao heavy dock project started smoothly


The commencement ceremony of Zhangpu Liuaoheavy dock project, which is our company first EPC project in Fujian provincehas been held on February 27.  Guan Junbin,chairman, He Huazhen, Managing director of Fujian Yifan New Energy EquipmentManufacturing Co,.Ltd., Li Yang, the general manager, Weidong, assistant generalmanager of Zhongcheng International participated the ceremony.

Li Yang, general manager of the company onbehalf of the company made a speech at the ceremony, sent the warm congratulationto the beginning of the project and delivered a heartfelt thanks to trust andsupport of the owners, which demonstrated our company’s high regard for theproject. The company will give full play to the comprehensive capability ofwater transport engineering integration to complete the design and constructionof the project ensuring the high quality, enough quantity and completion as scheduled.

Zhangpu Liuao heavy dock project is locatedin Zhangpu County, Liuao Peninsula southeast of the sea, Zhangzhou City, FujianProvince Construction scale involved in the renovation of an old 1 # dock withthe berth of 1000 tons; build a heavy 2 # dock with the berth of 5000 tons; buildthe new revetment which the total length will be 780m, the port area will  form a total area of 110,854 square meters,the port road length will be 683m. The project signed the contract with a totalof about 115 million yuan, and the total construction duration is 18 months.The project opened a new situation for the company in the domestic developmentof the southern coastal areas.

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    Location:Building 2, NO.176 Haier Road

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